Refurbished Gym Equipment

At Powermax Fitness we offer you the highest quality gym equipment at the lowest possible prices. In order to offer you these unbeatable prices, we offer world-class refurbished gym equipment that has been remanufactured under the strictest of standards. From cardio equipment to strength training machines, our remanufactured gym equipment is a reliable, affordable and secure way to outfit your gym facilities with the best used high brand gym equipment available. Unlike servicing or simply reupholstering used gym equipment, our precision refurbishment process is painstakingly thorough.

Refurbished Gym Equipment Process

We begin the process by acquiring only the best used gym equipment from the most respected gyms, dealers, and sellers from across the country and around the world. We then ship the equipment to our massive, state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot precision remanufacturing facility. Then we begin our thorough three-tiered process for created our top-quality refurbished gym equipment.

» Mechanical - The first step in process for refurbished gym equipment is to overhaul every mechanical aspect, replacing any and all wear parts. We disassemble motors, clean each and every component, and repack to ensure a long running life – then carefully reassemble into perfect working condition.

» Electrical - We then replace or completely repair the electrical interfaces and controllers.

» Aesthetics - Finally we custom powder-coat paint if frames has more scratches, replacing upholstery if needed.

Following this intricate process, each piece of refurbished fitness equipment is thoroughly inspected. Once each piece of refurbished gym equipment passes our complete overhaul and inspection process, they are then packed and shipped quickly and efficiently.

Once the equipment is delivered, our dedicated technical support team is available to assist with any technical questions or issues that may arise and offer warranties on all of our equipment.

If you have any questions about our refurbished fitness equipment process or would like to  get a quote, please feel free to contact us.


Trade/Sell Your Gym Equipment 

Whether you are looking to upgrade your equipment or closing your facility, Powermax Fitness can help you sell or trade- inyour gym equipment that you no longer need. With the tens of thousands of customers in our database and hundreds of unique visitors to our site each month, selling your gym equipment to us is a great opportunity to generate cash from your previous investment. Powermax can maximize your discounts by trading your old equipment in to purchase/upgrade with new. Simply contact us via email at or call to know about amazing trade-in deals.

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Cybex is the brand you can depend on if you are looking for controllable, effective and safe strength training machines to provide member satisfaction in your gym, rehab, medical facility, training camp and sports facility. Cybex in know for superb engineering and biomechanics that have perfectly combined innovation and user convenience. It comes in a compact and solid footprint for saving workout space and has a sleek and striking appearance for suiting any center decor. With its years of experience and reputation in the sports medicine industry, the Cybex brand continues to become the world’s leader when it comes to selectorized strength-training machines that work out specific muscle groups for sports specific or functional training.

Cybex Galileo Back Extension

Cybex Dual Axis Pull down

Cybex Galileo Assisted Chin And Dip

Cybex Galileo Chest Press

Cybex Galileo Row / Rear Del

Cybex Standing Calf


Coming in a striking appearance and rigid overall built, the Nautilus is the go-to gym set for training centers, sports clinics and recreation centers that aim to provide members with consistent training results without the achy or painful muscles after every workout.

Nautilus Nitro Super Pullover

Nautilus Nitro Incline Press

Nautilus Nitro Weight Assisted Machine

Nautilus Nitro Leg Extension

Nautilus Nitro Seated Leg curl

Nautilus Nitro Overhead Press



Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Schwinn IC Elite Indoor Cycling Bike


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